Class Actions Can Work for You

A class action lawsuit comes about when many people have similar claims against the same company. The securities class action attorneys at Frank LLP have helped recover more than one billion dollars for individuals harmed by large companies’ misconduct. Frank LLP dedicates its law practice to class action lawsuits and protecting the rights of people just like you.

Experienced Class Action Law Firm

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases in a variety of practice areas including antitrust, consumer protection, securities fraud, mismanagement of 401(k) and retirement plans, and many other areas.

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When you contact Frank LLP, we will review all the information you have about the company and fully research their business practices, or products and any other important areas of their operations.

Once we have determined that there is enough evidence to proceed with a lawsuit, we will take care of all the necessary costs and notifications to allow other people who may be eligible to join the case.

Consumer Class Action Lawyers

It doesn't cost you anything to inquire about your legal issue. Every case our securities class action lawyers take is on a contingency basis which means we don't get paid unless you do. Contact our office today to discuss your case and a possible class action.