We Are an Experienced Antitrust Law Firm

Antitrust law violations occur when one company acting alone, due to its overwhelming strength in its industry, or multiple companies working together as part of a conspiracy seek to limit or eliminate competition through price fixing, territory agreements or other anti-competitive behaviors.  The end result is fewer buying options and higher prices for purchasers.

The attorneys at Frank LLP have years of experience representing groups who have been affected by antitrust law violations. We dedicate our entire practice to class action lawsuits and fight aggressively to protect the interests of our clients.

Protecting Consumers Against Antitrust Law Violations

Antitrust law violations impact purchasers at every level of industry from manufacturers, to retailers, to end consumers.  Anyone can fall victim to antitrust schemes.  Many of the cases we handle involve helping retailers who have been victimized by product distributors or manufacturers.

For example, if pharmaceutical companies engage in price fixing, it is the retailers who must absorb that cost or pass it on to their customers. If credit card companies try to put unfair or unreasonable requirements on retailers in order to accept their cards, there may be a cause for an antitrust case.  Machine parts, food ingredients, even eggs and ice can be sold at an anti-competitive price due to antitrust conspiracies, thus wrongfully and artificially raising costs for consumers.

There are countless other examples of the ways retailers are harmed by antitrust law violations.  If you feel that you have an antitrust case, contact us immediately.