Whistleblowers Play a Vital Role in Exposing Fraud Against the Government and Taxpaying Public

Employees are uniquely positioned to report corporate fraud. For example, workers in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries may have information that the true value of goods or services are being misrepresented in a way that enriches a company at the expense of Medicare or Medicaid programs.

By coming forward, these whistleblowers may be handsomely compensated under the law for speaking up and helping end such fraud.

Rewards in the Millions of Dollars are Common.

If you have information that your employer (or a company with which you or your employer does business), is defrauding the government, contact Frank LLP today for a free consultation.

We can help you navigate the difficult but important process of doing what is needed to stop the problem and make sure that you are rewarded for coming forwarded.

How Whistleblower Lawsuits Work

The federal False Claims Act (“FCA”) allows private individuals to file lawsuits against companies committing fraud against the government. These lawsuits are brought on behalf of the government, and are known as “qui tam” lawsuits. The information that the whistleblower has cannot be common public knowledge before the suit begins.

After the qui tam lawsuit is filed, the government has an opportunity to intervene and take over the lawsuit. If it does not, we can continue the case on our own.

How Whistleblowers are Rewarded

The whistleblower is guaranteed a share of any money recovered in a qui tam suit, whether the government has intervened or not.

If the government has intervened, the whistleblower receives between 15 and 25 percent of the court award or settlement. If the whistleblower and his or her attorneys litigate the case on their own, the whistleblower receives between 25 and 30 percent of the award or settlement.

The government overwhelmingly relies on, and encourages, employees to step forward as whistleblowers. During fiscal year 2018 alone, the federal government recovered $2.8 billion in settlements and judgments, with more than $2.1 billion stemming from all qui tam lawsuits. The whistleblowers in those cases were paid a total of $301 million.

Frank LLP can Help you Stop Corporate Fraud

Frank LLP’s lawyers have devoted our careers to cases that protect the public against corporate fraud and greed. Whether the cases are qui tam, securities fraud, antitrust, or consumer fraud, we litigate our cases on contingency—you will not be charged for our services unless the case is successful and we win.

Our attorneys are well equipped to represent whistleblowers and others who have knowledge of fraud by healthcare and pharmaceuticals firms. In recent years, the expanding roles of Medicare and Medicaid in our national economy have left these taxpayer-funded programs increasingly exposed to the effects of corporate greed. When companies in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries misrepresent the true value of their goods and services, their deceit not only risks lives, it also costs all of us as taxpayers.

If you feel that you have a whistleblower case, contact us immediately.